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Wrestlers & Talent

Yes, you can add yourself as a Fan of any wrestler in WrestleQuest.

Managing your career & Self promotion baby! Your WQ profile a really easy way to share a focused view of your Wrestling Career with fans (like a website on steroids!). In the "MyWQ" section you have tools and features to assist in managing your career including injuries, fans, bookings(WQPro) and more.

Pro Wrestling Fans, Pro-Wrestlers, managers, and other personalities. Also Referees, Announcers, Commentators, Promotions, Promoters, Pro Wrestling Media, Podcasters, and Influencers

Right now! Create your profile now to reserve your username and to get started with your fan profile.

Free for everyone!! Both fans and wrestlers will have upgrade options early next year.

A huge part of WQ is bringing life to careers of the past and providing a nostalgic view of your professional wrestling career. Imagine, instead of just saying, “I used to be a wrestler…”, now you can say “I used to be a wrestler, check it out at wrestlequest.com/username”

Yes you can absolutely share your Merch links in your WQ profile. We encourage it!!

When you set up your profile, you will choose a unique username. This will also be you page address. In the WQ invite section, you can post directly to your social media. You can also earn rewards when users sign up using your url.

That’s a big question! The fan community is a lot of things. It takes the wrestling convo and those “who’s your top 5” type questions found on social media, and gives them a lasting value. This is a place for both fans and wrestlers to share their wrestling experiences and stories without the interruptions of politics and non-wrestling news.

The fan community will be open mid-January. WQ Members will receive the latest updates.

WQ goes hand in hand with your other social media. All of your social links can be connected to your WQ account. While your social media focuses on your life, WQ focuses entirely on your ProWrestling life and is built to maximize that view into your world

We recommend that you do, but it's entirely up to you. There are two sections in the profile builder that you will need to have for your profile to go live, otherwise it’s entirely up to you how much you want to share with your fans and the WQ community.

If new members sign up using your referral/invite address you will receive reward points. More in app activities that generate rewards will be available as the community grows.

Yes. Our goal is to create new revenue streams for indy wrestlers. Coming in January. Stay tuned!

A variety of things including WQ swag, special site perks and access, and more. Coming soon!

Your public WQ profile is to help get your gimmick over. If you choose to share more that is up to you. We recommend saving “insider” stuff for your WQ Pro exclusive section.

Yes, you can have up to 3 profiles. Including tag team and faction profiles with other wrestlers.

Absolutely. Both members of a tag team will set up their own profile and then your tag team can be created in your “myprofiles” section. Teams of more than two will be available really soon (and the ability to add your manager to the team).

Yes, these work just like Tag Teams. Each member will have their own profile and can be added to the faction. These features will be released very soon!

Yes, with WQ Pro (coming soon) you will be able to manage bookings and post availability.

Nope, that’s our job. You bring your career and photos, fill out the forms, and we take care of the rest.