About WrestleQuest

Welcome to WrestleQuest

Welcome and thank you for checking out WQ! My name is Vince Evans, I am a "retired" professional wrestler, now a software engineer, and I am unbelievably excited to introduce you to WrestlerQuest!

WrestleQuest is the result of my lifetime love of Pro-Wrestling both as a fan early on and as a Pro-Wrestler, since 1997. That’s when my personal wrestlequest began as I traveled half way across the USA to train with The Wild Samoans. The passion that took me on that journey is the same passion that has fueled the design and development of WrestleQuest.

WQ is designed with features & tools that I dreamed of having while actively wrestling and need now as I share my story with others. On the fan side, we've added fun & interactive activities that extend the wrestling convo's & debates. These are exciting times in pro wrestling and we are here to enhance your experience of this awesome new era!

- Vince Evans aka Vincent Goodnite
Founder & Developer of WrestleQuest

Our Mission

To create new opportunities in the Pro Wrestling Industry through modern technologies.

And just to break that down a bit more...

Wrestlers & Talent

  • Provide a mainstream & modern web presence to professional wrestling talent at all stages of their career
  • Provide a platform to expand booking opportunities & tools to assist managing the business of the business.
  • Create new revenue streams for talent to help grow their careers


  • Introduce fans to amazing wrestling talent from around the world.
  • Provide a lasting platform for fans to voice their opinions, wrestling experiences, and love of Professional Wrestling.
  • Expand and add value to online wrestling conversations through gamification and rewards

Promotions & Industry Professionals (Media, Podcasters, etc...)

  • Provide one resource to connect with your primary audience, the Pro Wrestling Community.
  • Provide searchable lists of Wrestling talent to connect with for your next show or interview.
  • Provide a new medium to share and report the latest happenings in your Promotion or company.